The Story of Terry’s Computer Asylum

            Terry’s Computer Asylum was started in 1997 in his garage. Terry started his career with his first computer bought from Boeing Surplus sales In Everett, Wa. (A division of Boeing Aircraft that sells the surplus). His first computer was an old touchscreen Hewlitt Packard. It was an all in one computer, the screen and everthing all built together. It had no hard drive, just 2 floppy drives, and a bay in the top for a thermal printer (that wasn’t included, he used to keep the cords in there. Terry Couldn’t do anything with the computer because he had no disks to run and no clue where to get them. As a truck driver at the time, he used to pick up loads at the HP warehouse and deliver them all over the county. One day when he was near corporate headquarters, He carried that old HP into the corporate office, set it down on the coffee table. The receptionist asked if she could help him. He shifted my cowboy hat a little and said “Can’t get this darn thing to turn on”, she said “Sir, Were not a tech support facility, we are the corporate office.” He said, surely there’s gotta be someone here that knows something about this!”, She said “Hold on”. She went to the back and out came 2 nice gentleman wearing very nice suits, they both had a little smirk on their face…  They said, can we help you? He said “Can’t get this darn thing to turn on”. So they opened the top, pulled out the cords, and started to plug them in. He said: “what’s them for?” They said: “To plug it in”, I said “Plug it in? I thought it was all battery operated or something”, Needless to say, they both got a pretty good laugh out of that, And he walked out of there an hour later with a box full of Disks for all kinds of Programs. That’s what got him started, and thru the years, computers have intrigued him, confident there wasn’t any problem he couldn’t figure out somehow. What got him started in his business was one day he was having some sort of problem with windows for workgroups, he called a computer store to ask their advice, and they told him: “We don’t give advice over the phone, bring it in and we’ll fix it for you, 79.00 to put it on the bench, 45.00 and hour to fix it.” His comment to that was “That’s not right, I’m going to give you a run for your money!” That was probably the official start To Terry’s Computer Asylum.

            When Terry’s started out, It started as Terry’s Computer, Then shortly thereafter the name was changed to “Carousel Computer”  in tribute to the Dowis family that has been in the carnival business since the turn of the century. Then one day, frustrated, he had his head in his hands, his daughter walked by and said “Dad, whats a matter?” He said: “This flippin computer is driving me CRAZY!” “Well”, his daughter said: “I think you should call it Terry’s Computer Asylum!”  And that stuck! Terry Opened his store front at 101 S. division Ave, (Across from the now Walgreens, but was Lewisberg Grain at the time) on Aug 1, 2000 with his current customers from his “Garage” Service. In 2003, he moved to his current location at 101 Main street. On the corner of front and main. Terry has maintained the same phone number of 522-6834 for 20 years of numerous moves, switches and upgrades. His Motto is “Your user friendly Computer Store!